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Dorset School Coding Championships 2022
8th June 2022

Hosted by Ferndown Upper School

Our Mission | Engineer Future Innovators

Supported by fernDOWNLOAD our National Award-Winning Extra-Curriculum, [Dorset_hack] sets the standard for high quality computing inter-school competitions.

Funded by local company sponsorship, [Dorset_hack] is open to state and private schools in the region and gives young people in Year 10 to be compete as individuals, teams and win big prizes to show off their coding skills. Students will also engage with local digital sector employers to explore the amazing opportunities we have in the county.

Types of Challenges_


Types of Challenges

How does it work?


  • Each school needs to register on the form below.

  • Each school must nominate 5 students from Year 10, and state any dietary requirements of the students. Staff are welcome to join from each school.

  • On April 1st 2022, a Innovation Project brief will be given where each team must come up with a digital solution to a problem. Each school's team must create a 10minute presentation which will be given in front of a panel of judges on the competition day.

  • On the same day example challenges for individuals and teams will be sent to registered schools to ensure teams are familiar with the format.


  • Our [Dorset_hack] bus will collect students (and staff) from their schools.

  • Students will attend a 10am welcome talk supported by our sponsors.

  • Throughout the day the students will complete on a carousel individual challenges, team challenges and give their innovation presentation.

  • Students will receive food throughout the day courtesy of [Dorset_hack].

  • A rewards ceremony will give out awards to participants including [Dorset_hack] School of the Year.

  • At 4pm students will be taken back to their respective schools.

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