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Level 3 Digital T-Level (2 year)
Digital Support Services

[Get a free laptop upon enrolment]

Globalization concept

Become a Digital Support Specialist

Develop professional knowledge and skills

Experience digital industry 

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About the Course

The purpose of the T Level in Digital: Digital Support Services is to ensure students have the knowledge and skills needed to progress into highly skilled employment, university or a degree apprenticeship within the specialist area digital support, specialising in digital support services.

At the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate threshold competence, which means that they have gained the core knowledge and skills related to digital support and are well placed to develop full occupational competence with additional development and support once in employment in the digital sector.


Course Type:       Level 3 Technical Level | Full Time

Route:                    Digital

T-Level Digital Support | Digital Support Services

Duration:                2 Years

Lessons:                16hr taught + 9hr online learning per week

Other:                     45-60 day industry placement

Start Date:            01/09/2022


What will you study?

Digital Support

Our digital support students will develop the technical understanding to solve IT/Digital issues on a range of operating systems and network types. Students will develop their skills in problem solving and logistics to ensure IT systems and infrastructure are optimised for business use. Project management skills alongside risk management will allow our students to take on most type of digital support scenarios. We deliver lessons on stakeholder management to ensure our students know how to interact with different types of users and can perform their work in professional settings.

Ready to Perform


The network cabling specialism delves deep into industry requirements of planning, installing and maintaining physical and cloud based network infrastructure. We have a range of equipment available including switches, our own servers and cabling for students to get hands-on with networking. Students will look at cabling design, transceiver design and how data transmission can support businesses to be more efficient and successful. Students will be trained to use a range of network testing tools and techniques to prepare them for working in industry as soon as they qualify.

Business Practice and Applications

Like all T-Levels, Digital T-Levels look at how the sector works in practice. Business Practice and Applications looks at how business has been impacted by digital technology. The legislation and guidelines surrounding its use in wider industry and specifically within the digital sector. We look at how IT supports HR, R&D swell as logistics, marketing and finance.
We look at how digital sector businesses conduct user needs analyses and manage their 
stakeholders. Students will study how data systems are managed for small and large businesses as well as how the networks that link them function. Cyber security and risk management underpins much of what is studied in terms of onsite or online vulnerabilities in how businesses operate.
Overall this module will give an excellent foundation for how digital technologies and the sector weave through aspects of business and wider society.

New Digital Education Building for 2022

Designed for the Digital Age

Part of our Phase 2 Developments, the new building extends our facilities beyond anything else offered locally, to enable training of software developers and network engineers with up to date industry standard hardware and software. A professional environment to nurture a new generation of digital professionals.

Pioneer Seminar Suite

For up to 80 students with digital device support for laptops provided to our Digital T Level students, access to kitchen facilities for students and a new computing office.

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Conference Meeting

Ingenuity Software Development Lab

With top spec computers, our own servers and support for all major operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and Linux

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Computer Tutorials
Work in the park

Occupational Skills

Occupational skills is an explicitly taught module that links together all taught components. Students will cover a range of study and professional project management skills to tackle a range of small and large software & research based projects. We deliver classes on work-readiness, communication and will continue to develop numeracy skills that will need to be used in the digital sector. Basic IT such as spreadsheet and common office app skills are also covered so students are ready for University or Degree Apprenticeships. We will even coach our students to prepare for technical interviews which are regularly used in the tech industry.

Electrical Inspectors
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