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Project 7

Inspire Future Engineers

We want to get younger people involved with engineering and show them how fun it is.


Back in December we had our first Project 7 Event.


We called it roboREACH.
We invited Year 7 girls from Emmanuelle and Ferndown Middle Schools to take part in a morning of Robotic Workshops! We started by 3D designing and printing keyrings from our 3D printer provided by the Holmes Hines Memorial Fund.


It was great fun, our students taught them how to code the robots and in the end they used the Skystone Game Field to race their freshly programmed robots. Full instructions of what we did are below for any other schools who want to do the same. 


The Big Race


Watch our Year 7 visitors get engaged with their robotics race! In the end each school won the same number of rounds. 

Well done to their efforts, they did their schools proud! We look forward to the boys visiting later in the year.

Resources to run the workshop


Feel free to use and download our resources made by our members. This includes student instructions and 'tracks' that the robots can be programmed to follow.

To make this work you'll need micro:bit Move robot kits and to use MakeCode software.

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