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Dorset's first T Level Provider

Software Developer | Digital Support Services

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About T-Levels

T Levels are a 2-year qualification that you can do as an alternative to A levels, other post-16 courses or an apprenticeship.

They bring classroom learning and an extended industry placement together on a course designed with businesses and employers.

One T Level takes 2 years of full-time study and is equivalent to 3 A levels. The first T Levels have started at selected colleges and schools in England, with more coming in the following years. Ferndown Upper School Sixth Form is the first selected centre in Dorset to be able to offer these new courses.

A New Choice

T Levels are ideal if you have finished your GCSEs and want the knowledge and experience to get straight into employment, an apprenticeship or higher education.

You’ll spend 80% of your time in the classroom and 20% on a 45-day placement with an employer to give you the skills and knowledge companies look for.

If you’re not quite ready for a Level 3 T Level, we offer an extended 3 year post-GCSE course designed to prepare you for your chosen route. It will give you relevant knowledge, practical and study skills to excel in your subject. 


2 Digital Occupational Pathways

Our 2 Digital T-Level Pathways will launch in 2022.
We will be delivering these in specialist facilities within our Digital Education Building.

Digital T-Level

Digital Support Services

(Level 3) 2yr

Train to become a digital support specialist

Digital Network Cables
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Digital T-Level

Software Developer

(Level 3) 2yr

Train to be a professional software developer

Computer Tutorials
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Developed with the national and local digital sector

We have worked with local and national partners in developing our T Level courses to ensure students gain skills that in demand in the local digital sector.

Become a professional

3 months work experience

Every aspect of the T Level is built to prepare young people for their new professions. Extensive workplace skills development and applications to businesses are part of the curriculum.

10-12 weeks in a local digital work placement

All students will gain 10-12 weeks work experience in digital sector businesses, developing workplace specific skills needed for their future careers.

All students get a free laptop upon enrolment 

We want to remove all barriers to our students' career aspirations and so we will be providing all students who enrol onto our T-Levels a free laptop that they get to keep upon successful completion of the course. This comes installed with all the software they need for their time studying with us, all for free.

New Digital Education Building for 2022

Designed for the Digital Age

Part of our Phase 2 Developments, the new building extends our facilities beyond anything else offered locally, to enable training of software developers and digital support specialists with up to date industry standard hardware and software. A professional environment to nurture a new generation of digital professionals.

Pioneer Seminar Suite

For up to 80 students with digital device support for laptops provided to our Digital T Level students, access to kitchen facilities for students and a new computing office.

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Ingenuity Software Development Lab

With top spec computers, our own servers and support for all major operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and Linux

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